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Welcome to The Career Direction!

This site was created to assist high school students, trade school students, junior college students, college students, and adults in assessing themselves to determine what careers they would be most likely to succeed in based on their own personality traits and mental aptitudes as compared to successful people in those careers.

Your report will contain a narrative section that discusses your mental aptitudes and personality traits based on your responses to the questions. It also contains a Career Potential section that breaks down job categories into levels of potential success you would achieve should you enter one of the jobs listed. This is achieved by comparing your results against currently successful people in the jobs listed. Finally, there is a Personal Development segment of the report that provides suggestions as to how to better yourself in areas in which you could use some improvement.

You will spend approximately one hour answering multiple choice questions related to your personality and mental ability over the Internet. Upon completion of the assessment, your report will appear on the screen. Do NOT close your Internet browser until you have printed your report and/or saved your report onto your device for future review.

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